General Life Update

I’m painfully aware that I haven’t done much in the way of actual “blogging” recently about what I’m upto (not that anyone seems to have noticed, lol). So here’s a whistle stop run down:

Work: busy, busy, busy! I’ve been pitching to some new clients over the last few weeks, and have won one new contract, which is nice. But it has taken up a load of my time. I’m also launching a new website of my own shortly, and am actively working on 2 other potential new lines of business, which I can’t currently talk about.

All in all I am working 10-12 hours a day at the moment, generally from 8am to 9-10pm, only stopping to eat and spend time with the family when the kid gets home from school.

Crossfit: has come to a complete halt. My golfers elbow has put a halt to almost all exercise and I’ve spoken to Mark at Crossfit Manchester and explained that I won’t be going down again for a while. The simple reason is that I can do virtually none of the crossfit exercises and so it becomes rather depressing going to the gym and seeing everyone else do what I can’t. If you take away the exercises that make Crossfit what it is, it’s also rather dull to be honest.

Still I am actively seeking the cure for Medial Epicondylitis and have so far tried / am trying:

  • Complete rest
  • Remedial Massage
  • Ultra-sound
  • Interferon
  • CT Cream
  • a Band-it Forearm Band
  • and these week starts Acupuncture, which will be my first time ever and I’m rather nervous about it to be honest.

I am however doing some runs. I’ve got route round the block, which is just over a mile, and am running that 2-3 times a week, depending on when I wake in the morning. I’m hoping that this will improve my running performance when I do return to Crossfit.

The Zone Diet: My current weight is 12 st 12 (180 lbs / 82 kg) and I am currently wearing jeans that were too small for me the day I bought them from Ford market in West Sussex some 8 years ago! Yes I kept a pair of too small jeans (2 actually) for 8 years, that if nothing else, is evidence that I’m an optimist at heart! I continue to either maintain weight or lose the odd pound here and there, on the following formula: Strict zone for breakfast, lunch and pm snack. A roughly zone diet / lower than “normal” carb tea. Then at least half the week, all bets are off in the evening and the wine and/or chocolate is broken out. Bad I know, but I’m working on it.

Mostly that’s it, my life at the moment is consumed by work and injury recovery.

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  • Duncan Ricks 10 March 2008, 12:41 pm

    “(not that anyone seems to have noticed, lol)” Funny enough I went to tFC forum today and followed your link here and had a read :0)

    “I am working 10-12 hours a day” Thats to much mate, I have always had a 8 hour day…. All work and no play makes GC a dull boy hehe

  • Art 14 March 2008, 6:09 am

    do your best to get back into CrossFit!!! your blog help me create an addiction for CrossFit and the Zone, my friend!

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