Zone Diet Update and Weightlifting Prep

I am remaining steadily under 13st (182 lbs / 82kg) but need that final push to lose that last 1/2 stone.  Since starting back at Crossfit for the last few weeks, I’ve noticed the jeans are a little loser again, and indeed my waist has dropped 1/2″ in the last month. I still feel I’m not quite putting in 100% effort to getting that last bit of fat off to drop the last few body fat percentage points.  Note to self, must try harder.

I’m looking forward to the weight lifting mini competiton tomorrow. Had a Personal Training session yesterday and think I’ve worked out what I aim to do:

Snatch: 45 – 50 – 55kg
Clean & Jerk:  60 – 70 – 75kg

These lifts are a way off my Personal Bests last year of 65kg and 90kg respectively, but I’m happy to still be taking things easy and build back up slowly.  As it is, these weights will be the most I’ve lifted this year.  Hopefully there will be people taking videos there and I’ll get some uploaded.

Friday Funs –  Sorry I keep missing the Friday fun posts!  Just been too busy with work, normal schedule will resume next week.

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