What a Dire Week that was

A diary of a terrible week and an explanation of why there was no Friday Fun post this week (as promised):

  • At the beginning of the week my daughter got sick, full on vomiting, the works. She nearly missed a birthday party because of it, which when you’re 7, would have been a world ending disaster.
  • I’ve finally had to come to a decision I didn’t want to make about work, and it’s not a good one. Won’t bore you with the details but I’m going to have to make a slight change of direction.
  • As per my last post, my WordPress Blog was hacked, necessitating the best part of a day to upgrade it and get everything re-setup (plugins etc).
  • The wife is finding it harder than she thought finding a contract as a jobbing programmer.
  • A world ending event did happen to my daughter: she dropped the top off the (very rare) ice-cream I bought her, on the floor! We had floods of uncontrollable tears for about 20 minutes. Still it’s a consolation to know that she’ll remember that day for the rest of her life. I still have vivid memories of dropping the top of an ice cream with my Grandma when I was 6! One of only a handful at that age.
  • The wife got sick, what the daughter had, lots of throwing up, it was pretty bad.
  • I got sick! Woke up at 3am hurling my guts up. Now I know I’m a fella and there’s Man Flu and all that, but I can honestly say, it was the worst illness I’ve had for as long as I can remember. For 24-36 hours I could barely move, certainly couldn’t eat. Thankfully I’m all right now and 2 pounds lighter! Must get back on the fish oil (I’ve been lax recently.)
  • I discovered that after upgrading my blog, I was locked out! Every time I logged in, I just got the WordPress Blank Screen of Death. Which is exactly what it sounds like, a completely blank screen with nothing on it. Nothing I seemed to do could get me in. Obviously the fact that I’m writing this post (at 5am on a Saturday *sigh*) means that I fixed it, but it took all Friday afternoon to work it out. I’ll do a full post on it later, as it appears to be a common problem.
  • Now that I’m better I’m back to my normal ways: waking up far too early. Why *DO* I wake up at 5am most days when I have no reason to get out of bed?? I can’t even realistically do any Crossfit exercises that early in the morning, what would the neighbours think?

So there you have it, an appalling week by any standards. How was yours?

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  • lawraine 5 July 2008, 3:32 pm

    You wake at 5.00am:
    a) because you don’t need the sleep
    b) because you’re getting older (Ha!)
    c) it’s the best part of the day

    My week was brill, thanks!

  • Colin McNulty 6 July 2008, 9:51 am

    Lol, thanks for the comment Lawraine! 😉

    Everyone talks about the need for 8 hours sleep, and I used to be like that. A full 8 hours or I’d be cranky. But for some reason these last few years, I seem to wake up at 5am whether I like it or not, irrespective what time I went to bed.

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