World Class Coaching Weight Lifting DVDs

I recently bought 2 weightlifting DVDs from World Class Coaching. They had been recommended by one of the Crossfit Journals I got in the full back catalog I received as part of the Crossfit Certification I went on a few weeks ago. The 2 videos are:

  • The Fastest Lift in the World aka the Snatch
  • The Most Powerful Lift in the World aka the Clean

Note that the site actually says it’s the Clean and Jerk but there is no Jerk component to the 2nd DVD wihich is a bit of a shame, however I have to say that the videos are excellent. I’ve never seen such attention to detail and the lifts broken down so thoroughly and comprehensively with loads of teaching aids, coaching points and learning progressions.

The videos show world champion lifters going through the motions, slowed down footage, comparisons of unloaded, loaded and competition weight lifts all shown at the same time. Details of where the bar should move and the curve it takes are shown, as are instructions on where the bar should touch, how your body should move and how the feet should jump etc. If you have never been shown these Olympic lifts, these 2 videos will give you all the information you need to know to learn it.

There is 1 gotcha though, the continuous drone of the comentator does get a little monotonous and it’s been edited to remove most the pauses in the comentory. This means that it can be a bit full on at times and I had to stop and rewind in many places to understand what was really being said, as a small lapse of concentration means you can miss an important progression. Oh and “the science bit” at the end is laughable in it’s user unfriendliness!

Still they are highly recommended weightlifting DVD’s

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