Friday Fun – Desktop Tower Defence Game

In a break from the normal, today’s Friday Fun post is a free flash game.  I took the night off life last night and was up till midnight trying to get to the end of the Medium difficulty level!  It’s very simple, easy to learn, and a lot of fun.  This is the link:

Desktop Tower Defence Game

In essense the game is simple: have have to build a maze for creatures (creeps) to navigate through.  The goal of the creeps is to get to their exit, and your goal is to kill them before they do.  So you create your maze not out of blocks, but out of towers that shoot at them.  Obviously you either want to create the longest possible route for them to go, and/or to funnel them past your powerful weapon towers.

The key to the game is upgrades (click on a tower to get the upgrade option).  A tower upgraded to level 6 (5 upgrades) is more effective than 5 level 1 towers for example.  Bang for buck, it invariably costs less too.  Here’s a picture of it in play:

For reasons that escape me, these short cut keys aren’t in the instructions that the main game links to:

  • 1-9 = Select type of tower to buy
  • U = Upgrade Tower
  • S = Sell Tower
  • N = Launch Next wave early (for more points)
  • Spacebar = Pause and bring up menu

Have fun!

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  • welshtroll 10 October 2008, 9:41 pm

    argghh not this game again I spent far too long playing that.

    But if you like that this one is also annoyingly addictive

    It a progress one with bosses etc and it stores you progress for the next time you return.

    Judging by the wave indicators it looks like the same developers

  • Colin McNulty 17 October 2008, 11:39 am

    I agree, they are very similar in their concept.

    I have come across another great free flash game, which will probably be the subject of next weeks Friday Fun post. Watch this space!

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