Friday Fun – Can sexy girls get away with more than plain Janes?

Can you get free stuff if you look hot? Are we men that fickle that we a swayed by the twinkling eye of a pretty girl? A great idea for a video and I love the brazenness of the girl.

I thought the bus test was a bit biased as she didn’t ask when dolled up, she just walked on. But clearly she’s proved the point. Fellas, hang your heads in shame….

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  • Steve J 24 October 2008, 5:38 pm

    2 things Colin!

    1) I thought she looked pretty nice as ‘plain Jayne’ but that probably says more about me than society.

    2) Yup, of course super attractive women get things easier! Think about it, when you allow traffic to pass in front of you, do you allow ‘white van man’ or ‘chav in Corsa’? Probably not, but a fine lady? ‘yes’.
    Frankly, we are somewhat insane, but I guess its evolutionary!!

  • Colin McNulty 27 October 2008, 8:48 pm

    I blame evolution, damn it!

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