Guy Fawkes Fireworks Night is Coming

I love this time of year, well the closet pyromaniac in me does. I wrote about the Guy Fawkes night poem: Remember, Remember, the 5th of November last year, which gives some interesting insights into the political back drop of this festival. Personally I like to understand a bit about the background of why things are the way they are, and the history of the things we take for granted.

However enough of that nonsense, let’s get on to the important discussions of today: where to buy really great fireworks? I am lucky to live in Stockport, just down the road from Denton, in which there is a dedicated fireworks shop called Quick Silver Fireworks. Rather than one of the many temporary shops that spring up in the month of October in usually vacant shops on the outskirts of town centres, Quick Silver is a year round dedicated shop of enthusiasts.

I like shopping there for the very reason that the staff there are experts and they know their fireworks. They can give practical advice on what to buy and how things work, and also give their opinions on which are the fireworks they like. I’ve been buying my fireworks stash from there for the last few years, each year spending a bit more and more, but it’s all worth it when friends come round or the evening and leave saying:

“Colin, I’m coming back again, you get the BEST fireworks!”.

Tee hee.  My advice to you is to look for your local fireworks enthusiasts shop, pay a little more for quality and avoid the cheap oportunist shops who ship in a container load and when it’s gone, it’s gone.

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  • Tonester 15 November 2008, 6:20 pm

    Hi Col, I thought you could only buy fireworks on certain days of the year, (e.g. just before Guy Fawkes). But I must be wrong if this shop is open all year round. Unless it’s a law that only applies to the local Scallies, stopping them from setting off Bangers all year round 😉

  • Colin McNulty 15 November 2008, 6:25 pm

    Hi Tony, Don’t think so, I think they might even have a sign advertising fireworks for brithdays and stuff.

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