Northern Masters – Champion of…. 1

Well I went to the Northern Masters Olympic Weightlifting in Keighley, Yorkshire at the weekend, along with several other members of Crossfit Manchester. I’ll get the video edited and uploaded sometime next week (I haven’t got round to getting it off the camcorder yet). Long story short my lifts were:

Snatch: 65, 70, 75F
C & J: 90, 100F, 105F

Given my lack of preparation for this competition, I didn’t feel comfortable starting higher than 65 on the Snatch, and I was pleased to get the 70, as that’s the first time this year I’ve snatched 70kg.

The 90kg Clean and Jerk was simple enough and I went up a big 10kg, cleaned the 100 but didn’t get the jerk (same as last time at the Yorkshire Open Weightlifting Competition). I was going to have another crack at the 100 but was convinced to go for death or glory at 105, aiming for the 175 total I needed for to qualify for the British Weight Lifting Association 2009 British Championships. I didn’t even get the clean up. :S

However it’s not all doom and gloom. Bill Barton, the guy who runs the BWLA Masters (held at Lilleshall, Shropshire) knew what I was trying to do, and told me to put my application for the British Masters Championships in anyway! Woot!

I have to say, there’s a part of me that feels like a cheat if I get to go and lift in the British Masters without meeting the qualifying totals, however I am very sure that with the extra month of practice, I’ll be able to lift the 175 total actually on the day, and then I’ll feel much better about it all. So the race is still on for that elusive 75kg Snatch and 100kg Clean&Jerk!

The other Crossfit members acquitted themselves well, as ever. Bev was particularly spectacular, not only winning the best female lifter overall award, but lifting only 4kg off the British Record for clean and jerk. Very impressive.

Oh and interestingly, I met 2 people there who had visited this blog! Les and Michael, if you come back, do please comment! 🙂

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  • Davie 9 February 2009, 11:27 pm

    nice work on nailing the 70kg snatch!

    and you wont be cheating if you go to the British Masters

  • Franz29 10 February 2009, 1:41 pm

    Nice work all of you from CFManchester; you guys are really showing what CF can do in terms of overall fitness, even in a specialised arena.

    Good job on the 70 snatch; right now I can only dream of snatching that much. Go to the Master’s; no way it’s a “cheat” – you were invited by the boss, so he must have seen something he liked for the competition.

  • Colin McNulty 10 February 2009, 8:27 pm

    Cheers Guys. Indeed the CFM lot are impressive, especially the 4 of them that won medals at the English indoor rowing championships on Sunday!

  • Karen 10 February 2009, 8:37 pm

    Well done on qualifying Col – you’ve worked really hard and deserve to be there. Bill wouldn’t have put you through otherwise.

    My AVG is coming up with an alert for your website, hope it’s nothing serious but this is the description… Exploit WebAttacker

    As a techie type I hope it means more to you than it does to me.

    Cheers Karen

  • Colin McNulty 11 February 2009, 9:04 pm

    Hmmm thanks for the heads up Karen, I have AVG and it’s not saying anything. Odd….

  • Karen 12 February 2009, 8:45 pm

    It’s not doing it now, which is weird but good. I mentioned it to Chris and he said it had come up at his work too.

  • Colin McNulty 14 February 2009, 5:43 pm

    Are you using the AVG link checker plugin to your web browser, is that where it’s coming up? Can you email me a screenshot please?

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