Clean and Jerk Practice Video

This is a video of a training session at Crossfit Manchester. I posted my training Snatches last week, so this is the Clean and Jerk vid. This time I’ve included one’s that didn’t go quite according to plan! I was trying to get 5 lifts at 95% of my personal best, so at 95kg (209 lbs), for reference I weigh 80ish kg, but am trying to lose weight to get into the 77kg body weight category.

It turned out that 5 x 95% lifts was beyond me. In the end I got 3 (only 2 of which are shown, I forgot to tape the first one) but I was still well knackered by the end! You can see that my main issue is still consistency. When it goes right, it’s nice and stable, it just doesn’t go right often enough.

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  • Bob Dobbs 30 August 2009, 7:08 pm

    an exercise you might like to help your spring-e-ness would be jumping back and forth sideways over something(like a workout bench). It doesn’t seem like much till the next day. I wouldn’t start too high. My laundry basket literally kicked my ass.

  • Trendy SEO 15 November 2010, 9:21 am

    hey colin, nice one….i am sure you can do better than this…

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