Weightloss On Target

The Yorkshire Masters weightlifting competition is just over 2 weeks away now, and my attempt to make the 77kg category is going well. Below is my fitday weight goal graph, which I’ve been updating every day, except for the week I was on holiday. Amazingly I was quite good and ended the week weighing exactly the same as I started!

You can see that weekends are still a trial for me and I invariably gain a couple of pounds each weekend, only to lose it again the following few days. I have basically 2 weeks to lose the last 2 pounds, which should be no problem based on the last 4 weeks performance. All hail the zone diet. 🙂

Training is coming along nicely too. I made a 75kg Snatch today, the first time since the 2009 BWLA Championships in March this year, that I’ve even attempted more than 70kg. I had 3 goes at 77.5kg too, which would have (just) been a personal best. It was close, but I didn’t quite get it. It felt really achievable though, so maybe at the comp, if the lifts go well.

Anyway, here’s that graph, click it for a bigger version:

Colin McNulty - Weightloss on the Zone Diet
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  • Trisha 1 August 2009, 2:48 am

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