Snatch Practice at Aspire Fitness

This is the video I made of my snatch practice at Aspire Fitness in Cardiff last week. It’s 90 minutes condensed down to 2 for your viewing pleasure:

Whilst it looks like it wasn’t going that well, I was actually quite pleased. Since getting 77kg in March, I haven’t felt capable of even attempting more than 70kg, but the warm up to 70kg went very well so I pressed on. If you watch carefully, I’m trying a new starting position where I’m leaning a little further back. You can see me adjust backwards just before the pull.

This has made a difference, but I think I need to sit back more. It’s all about getting the bar to land right over my centre of gravity when it’s over head. You see that every time I lose it, I lose it forward, which means that I’m still not getting it right. Whilst I didn’t get it, I was pleased to have 3 good goes at 77.5kg which would have been a PB by 0.5kg, lol.

That body weight snatch is within my grasp I think, it’s only a matter of time.

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