Yorkshire Masters Weightlifting Video

The competition at the weekend went very well. Interestingly, it didn’t feel like it went that well, considering I missed half the lifts. However the results speak for themselves. I had 3 goals, in descending order of importance:

  1. Lift 165 total to qualify for the BWLA British Masters Weightlifting competition in 2010 (77kg body weight category)
  2. Lift a body weight snatch for the first time ever.
  3. Lift a 175 total to qualify for the 2010 British Masters in the 85kg category (in case I’m over weight come March).

I planned to do these lifts:

  • Snatch 1 = 70kg
  • Snatch 2 = 76kg (body weight)
  • Snatch 3 = 80kg
  • Clean & Jerk 1 = 90kg
  • Clean & Jerk 2 = 95kg
  • Clean & Jerk 3 = 100kg

As you will see in the video below, I got my first snatch and the 76kg body weight snatch on the 3rd snatch.  The 90kg C&J then gave me the 165 total I needed, so I went up to 99kg C&J in order to have 2 goes at getting a 175 total.  Well, why don’t you watch the video and you’ll see what happened.  Click through to YouTube if you want to see it in HD:

As you can see, a scrappy affair really. The Snatches never felt really comfortable. To be honest I messed up the warm up, for both Snatch and Clean and Jerks, I warmed up too soon and then had to stretch them out. Things I need to work on:

  1. Snatch – I still need to get the bar landing consistently over head.
  2. Clean – I’m still hitting the bar too low down on my thighs, which is shooting the bar forward instead of up.
  3. Jerk – Dipping too low is sending the bar forward and also not getting my hips under the bar, as I showed in the freeze frame.

Despite the 3 drops and the poor form shown, I still managed to qualify for the BWLA British Masters next year, and get a body weight snatch which is a milestone I’ve been working towards ever since I started snatching (and level 3 on the Athletic Skill Levels, if you’re interested). So it was a successful day.

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  • Giles 20 August 2009, 1:39 pm

    Well done. You’ve improved a lot technically, especially starting positions. I see you’re rocking back on your heels, which seems to be the fashion at the moment, it’s certainly not doing you any harm though.
    You just need a bit more aggression at the top of the snatch pull, it all goes a bit dainty and you start using your arms, old habits die hard. I like to thinkof the leg drive and getting my chest up high at the top of the pull. Jerk balances might help sort the jerk out, you need to be stepping in to the receiving position instead of shooting your back leg out.
    Overall, good stuff. You continue to improve with each comp.
    All the best,

  • Colin McNulty 20 August 2009, 5:19 pm

    Cheers Giles. The rock back is deliberate at the moment to get a different start position. I was losing everything forward and so shifting my weight back towards my heels a bit, seems to help get the bar to land in the right place. I know you’ve told me off for it before though. 😉

    > “a bit dainty”

    lol, you say the nicest things!

    Jerk Balance? Not tried that before. From here :

    “Jerk balance: start with the bar on shoulders in front….take a small partial split, not more than 1 ft or maybe slightly more, but not much…..dip (must be a straight dip) drive the bar up with the legs, step forward into the finishing split while driving up hard with the arms…in essence you are pushing the body down into a deeper split, one that you would normally hit on a jerk.”

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