18 kids + One in the Oven.. you’ve got to be kidding me!?!


I was horrified by this story about a US mother who’s expecting her 19th child. It seems Michelle Duggar doesn’t think that nearly 7bn in the world is quite enough for them. Does she think that it’s her religious duty to over populate the world and consume its precious resources? And I though the Octuplet mum was bad, but this takes the biscuit.

Michelle Duggar

Some argue that they have their own business and so can afford a grotesquely large family, but the issue of who pays for them and the hundreds (or thousands!) of descendants they will produce, is irrelevant. They are all going to need jobs at some point, not to mention houses, energy, water, transport, education, health care etc. Is it not a bother to anyone that the US national debt is already measured in Trillions of $USD and probably in our lifetime China and the Middle East oil countries will have a strangle hold on most of The West due to our over spending and subsequent debt to them? Oh the irony!

We talk about 1st World, and 3rd World countries, but the term 2nd World is no longer used much. “2nd World” was used to refer to the Eastern Block communist countries that in theory, should have been rich and prosperous, but in fact were desolately poor countries, due to their political masters. I predict that America, England and the like, within 100 years will be known as 2nd World countries, having collapsed under the weight of our debt.

Michelle Duggar and her obscene family are helping to bring this future about. If each of her kids only have a modest 3 children each, and each of their descendants do too, within just 4 generations, Jim Bob Duggar and his wife will have spawned 513 people! If they have 5 kids each, that figure rises to 2375!!

Unfettered procreation like this is selfish, irresponsible and down right antisocial. It shows a complete ignorance of the #1 problem that effects mankind here and now: over population. We aren’t all going to die in a nuclear world war 3. We aren’t all going to be killed off by some viral pandemic. The human race will eventually be brought to its knees by simply breeding ourselves to the bring of extinction. What worries me, is how on earth do we stop it? Interestingly the world leader in the field of population reduction, is China. Yet, their policies on population control could never happen in a democracy, the people wouldn’t allow it. LOL, now that’s irony!


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