This Busy Weekend

It proved to be a busy weekend. I got the train to London on Saturday to see my old Uni mate who emigrated to Oz some 7 years ago and was back in Blighty for a visit. Only my train was cancelled so I had to get another via Bristol. I stopped off in Reading to meet my brother on the way (I never knew you were allowed to break a train journey and hop off at a station along the way!). Then continued into London.

The London Underground was a pain with a lots of line closures, e.g. the entire circle line was shut all weekend! Still I got there fine and got to spend quality time with my old uni mates. Just like old times. Awesome day and evening.

Off to Ladywell and stayed over at a friends for the night. Then Sunday morning, sporting a reasonable hangover, I popped into the Crossfit Level 1 cert at Crossfit Central London (see map) and met the very nice Brian who runs the place, and the very pregnant Rachel Steadman who’s travelled all the way down from Manchester on her “due week”!

Fought with the trains getting back to Wales. First the train broke and never arrived at Paddington. The replacement train was late. We were stopped for 15 minutes outside Slough for no good reason. The line was closed between Swindon and Bristol so we had to take a detour, which meant that we pulled into Bristol Parkway in one direction, the reversed out going the other way. I’ve never known a train to change direction mid journey!

Thankful the land lady recorded the Grand Prix for me, which I watched whilst doing my ironing (rock and roll, lol!). Nothing like a bit of rain to spice up a motor race. It was a great race. And I’ve ended the day by relisting my bike on eBay as the guy who won the last auction, never contacted me. He didn’t pay and I didn’t hear a peep from him! I’m still very annoyed by that. Why would you bid on a bike that you weren’t prepared to buy? It’s not like he got carried away as his first bid was the winning bid. Anyway, it’s back on again now, so hopefully will do better the second time round.

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