A day doing SPEAR – a self defence course

I had a great day yesterday at Crossfit 3D in Manchester, attending a SPEAR self defence course.

SPEAR is a self defence system that’s based on using your basic human physiology to make yourself and your stance as strong as possible, and I can honestly say, I was amazed how doing something as simple as opening your hand and splaying your fingers, can massively increase the strength in your arm.

We did hours of drills and exercises to show specific traits and strengths of the SPEAR system, always with a view to what happens in the real world and in a real situation. It was intense. It was physical. It was bruising (but then I was paired with a professional rugby player, so it was never going to be easy grappling with someone who does it for a living!). But it was educational, insightful and a lot of fun.

But most of all, I am now better equipped to handle myself in a real situation than I was before. If you get the chance to have a go, I’d definitely recommend a SPEAR course. Here’s a quick intro video that gives you a flavour:

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