What happens if you don’t drive safely

This is a compilation video of both real road crashes and public safety adverts. It’s a stunning reminder of just how dangerous the roads are and how it only takes a split second to be in a life changing (or ending) event.

If you can honestly say you’ve never been distracted whilst driving, not even for a second, then feel free not to watch this video. If you ever have been though, as I have, it’s a timely reminder that when you drive a car, death is only a quarter turn of the steering wheel away.

WARNING: Graphic scenes, most fake, some real:

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  • Defensive Driver 7 January 2012, 6:50 pm

    Bravo! You may call your blog ‘humble’ but I call it ‘well done.’ We need to make people aware of how easily they can die in a car crash. The best drivers in the world will have attention lapses. That’s human. What is scary is there are many who have no respect for the road, the vehicle, or other drivers. Pay attention folks. Again, Bravo for this blog.

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