The Lindsay Lohan Game – YouTube Video Series

Now I like internet videos. Some are funny, some are shocking, but this one is by far the best YouTube video ever. Why?

Well, remember those interactive adventure books you used to read as a kid, where you’d get to the bottom of the page and you’d have to make a plot decision? “If you attack the troll, turn to page 18. If you run away crying like a little girl, turn to page 37.” Well this is an hilarious interactive adventure video serious, featuring the one and only Lindsay Lohan (spoof obviously). It’s a corker:

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  • Nettie M 8 October 2010, 3:58 pm

    I didn’t like the spoof on Lindsey Lohan. I actually feel sorry for her. She really needs help and she is crying out for help. Thanks for the spoof anyway.

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