Training Without Weights or a Gym

Working away can be a pain for anyone used to the pleasure of having a local Crossfit gym to go to. God forbid you have to go to a Globo gym and try to do your Crossfit workouts there. But what can you do?

It occurred to me that there’s one group of people who are pretty athletic, that given their underground nature, probably don’t frequent the mainstream gyms, but clearly have great strength and flexibility. Parkour types (what’s the collective name for people who do Parkour??). Look and you will find and all that, so here ia a Parkour strength training video, from my very own Manchester no less.

Checkout the weighted squats, pistols, burpees, broad jumps, human flags for reps(!), deadlifts, L-sits, muscle ups, L-sit muscles ups(!!), plus a load of crazy made up body weight exercises. I like their attitude too, I have no doubt they’d do very well at Crossfit!

It just goes to show, no kit is no excuse not to exercise, and the things you can do out and about are only limited by your imagination.

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