The Cross Extensor Reflex

This is the first of what will be a regular Monday post that supports the weekly Personal Defence Readiness (PDR) classes (part of Tony Blauer’s SPEAR system) at Crossfit3D, on a Monday evenings from 8pm – 9pm. Just like Crossfit, all are welcome to attend regardless of age, gender or experience.

The SPEAR System is not like many other self defence classes, in that the first 2 elements of personal protection are Detect and Defuse. Only if these skills fail you, will you be required to Defend yourself. As a result we not only teach an amazingly simple and effective system of self defence, that takes literally an hour to learn the basics of and become proficient enough to use in a real situation, but we also teach and develop the skills required to avoid violence in the first place. This is done through a variety of methods, including looking at the psychology of bad guys, for example the predator – prey mindset.

Did you know that in any situation there are only 3 possible things a bad guy wants? In a confrontation, if you were conscious of what the bad guy wanted, do you think you could modify your behaviour to minimise your desirability as a potential target?

The SPEAR system is not a martial art or other form of fighting sport. There are no belts or competitions. There are no complex skills to learn over and over. It is a behaviourally inspired, genetically wired system of personal protection. We are not interested in moves contrived in a dojo that make us look cool, only in what really happens in the real world and how people actually react in realistic situations.

Each week then we will be showing a short video of a real event, caught on CCTV or mobile phone footage, which helps to demonstrate either a point of psychology, an element of physiology or a particular scenario that might happen on the street. Each Monday then, we’ll be posting up the video that will be discussed in the evening’s class. This is the video we’ll be discussing on Monday 4th October: Take a minute to have a look at the video and have a think about what’s happening in it.

If the video intrigues you, worries you, you wonder how you’d react or wonder how it relates to violence avoidance, conflict management and personal protection, then come on down to Crossfit3D in Trafford, Manchester for 8pm Monday and find out!

Colin McNulty, PDR Coach
Karl Steadman, PDR Coach

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  • Jamie Henderson 4 October 2010, 7:21 pm


    Do you teach a SPEAR PDR course? Am very interested, have only found one in London otherwise.



  • Colin McNulty 4 October 2010, 9:56 pm

    Hi Jamie,

    Yes I do. Karl Steadman and I are both certified PDR Coaches and run a weekly class out of in Trafford, Manchester, 8-9pm Monday nights. In fact I just got back from tonight’s class!

    Come get involved Jamie, all are welcome.


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