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My apologies if you were unable to access this site in the last 24 hours, getting this rather sparse error message:

As you can see it’s fixed now; who knew a GigeByte a day wouldn’t be enough! Only last month I posted that this site had tipped over 25,000 unique monthly visitors for the first time. Well it seems that November blew that out of the water with a massive 40% increase to nearly 35,000!!

The reason was bonfire night, as my Remember, Remember, the 5th of November Poem post got 8,073 visitors, which is obviously a seasonal spike (see the bump in the graph above). Not only does that post give the full poem, including the bit about burning the Pope in a tub of tar(!) but it also has a healthy and sometimes fervent discussion about censorship and at what age it’s appropriate to teach children real, unfettered history. It’s worth a read if you have 5 minutes.

Anyway, I’ve increased the bandwidth by 50% so we should be good for a while to come, and now I have to fire off a support ticket to my host to find out why I didn’t get an email warning me that I was getting close to my bandwidth limit, grrrr…

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  • RubieG 9 December 2011, 12:19 am

    they say that eating more meals/snacks throughout the day instead of three main meals will increase ur metabolism. . i heard that if you eat something with negative calories, like carrots or celery all day, like constantly, you wil increase ur metabolism from all the digesting and you wont gain any weight from it. is this true?.

  • Colin McNulty 9 December 2011, 10:37 am

    Hi Rubie, I’m not sure why you asked your question on this post, but maybe my latest post on cooked / processed calories will prove enlightening:

    However to quickly answer your question. Eating smaller meals more often I believe is better for weight loss, but it has nothing to do with magically changing your metabolism (what does that even mean?!?) and has everything to do with balancing blood sugar levels and avoiding the peaks and troughs that come with over eating large meals because you’re starving.

    So no, eating celery or carrots all day won’t make you lose weight, unless eating celery is all you eat, then you’re just starving yourself to death will likely die of malnutrition!

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