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On the 3rd March, Tony Blauer himself is flying into London to give a Be Your Own Bodyguard 1 day seminar at Crossfit Central London. I’ll be there, along with many of the other Personal Defence Readiness (PDR) Coaches from around the UK and Ireland.

If you’ve never seen Tony teach his very unique brand of personal safety, I highly recommend you get your butt down to London in a month’s time and check it out. It’s no exaggeration to say that it will change for the better, the way you think about your safety for the rest of your life. People who attend the PDR Personal Safety courses that I run report a massive increase in confidence (double for women, +50% for men). How much better will it be to hear it from Tony Blauer directly?

It promises to be a very good course, get on down if you can possibly make it. I hope to see you there. Register here

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  • Paul G 23 February 2012, 9:57 am

    Hi Colin,

    I follow your Blog and PDR progress with interest but thought I would raise one comment with you to discuss (or ignore if you wish!). PDR sounds great and full of really useful techniques…. but what stops me signing up is the belief/concern that these types of classes can make you more aggressive as a person. Gaining ‘confidence’, ‘awareness’ and ‘self belief’ to deal with situations is one thing but this can often translate into someone being or being perceived as more aggressive.

    I know friends who have taken up Jiu Jitsu and after a few months they were talking about having ‘much more confidence’ and ‘ability to handle themselves’ should the need arise but my overwhelming thought was that they had become more aggressive as a person (attitude, presence and even down to how they walked down the street… which in my view could result in more confrontations with the wrong people?).

    I’m wondering whether this question has ever come up in the PDR world? How does PDR make people more confident without making them more aggressive (perceived or actual)?


  • Colin McNulty 24 February 2012, 7:11 am

    Good question Paul. It deserved more of an answer than a comment could handle so I’ve done a full answer on the PDR Manchester site here:

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