I’m a Well Rounded Beginner!

I did it, finally, I ran a mile today in 8:35, well within my 9 minute target!!! 😀 That was the last exercise I had to do to attain Level 1 on the Crossfit Athletic Skills Levels.

When I started Crossfit on 1st Feb 2007, I gave myself 4 months to get Level 1, and an ambitious 8 further months to attain level 2. 4 months is up in 2 days time: 1st June, so I just made it! Actually, I got every exercise except the mile 2 months ago. But that’s the point behind the skill levels, they are generalist in nature so expose your weaknesses, and it sure exposed mine!

I’m totally chuffed at getting this 9 minute mile, as I’ve been working on it for a month now. Our normal Crossfit workout starts with a 400m run round the building, but for the last month I’ve been doing a double lap, just to get some extra running practice in and get used to the pain in my calves. Bare in mind that 3 months ago I couldn’t even do that double lap without stopping to catch my breath!

Now I have Crossfit Athletic Skill Level 2 to look forward to, when I can call myself an “Intermediate Athlete” and just 8 months to do it. Remember to come back on the 1st Feb 2008 and see if I’ve done it. 😉 My job for the next few weeks now is going to be to go down the list to see what I can do already. I’ll have to check my Crossfit stats, but I know I can already do these:

– 1 x bodyweight squat
– 1 1/2 x bodyweight deadlift
– 1/2 x bodyweight military press
– 1 minute handstand hold

I reckon I’m close to getting these, but haven’t tried:

– 100 free squats
– 30 press ups
– 400m run in 1:34 mins
– 3/4 x bodyweight power clean (Have squat cleaned more than this)
– 15 hanging knees to elbows
– 500m row in 1:45 (Personal best is 1:46)
– 18 inch vertical jump
– 20 pull ups (I did 15 yesterday)
– 30 second L-Sit (my record is 27 seconds)
– 2000m row in 7:30 (I’ve got to take 30secs of my previous best of 2 months ago, that might be harder than it sounds)

I have no idea about these:

– 1 x bodyweight bench press
– 20 foot climb, 1 trip
– 30 v-ups
– Kettle Bell Snatch @ 30 each arm men 24kg women 16kg
– 1 pull up with 1/3 x bodyweight
– 1/2 x bodyweight power snatch

But these are going to be very hard to do in 8 months!

– 45 of 1/2 x bodyweight thrusters – This is shockingly hard!
– 800m run in 3:20
– 20 dips
– 1 dip with 1/3 x bodyweight
– 1 Muscle up, hahahah!
– “Helen”: 3 rounds for time – 400m run, 21 kb swings, 12 pullups, in 11:30 (I did a personal best of 13:28 just last week).
– 1 Mile run in 7 minutes!!! Oh sweet mercy!

Either way, it’s going to be fun. 😉

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  • chris 30 May 2007, 3:53 pm

    Congratulations Colin!

    I think a box jump counts as a vertical jump so you can knock the 18″ vert jump off your list for level II 😀

  • chris 30 May 2007, 3:54 pm

    oh C**p I just noticed you have done


  • Colin McNulty 30 May 2007, 4:02 pm

    Haha, no worries Chris, but I think a vertical jump is what you can reach with your hands, not how high a step / box you can jump on. I think.

  • Andrew 30 May 2007, 6:46 pm

    Way to go! That’s not easy, and I’m not talking about losing the weight, I’m talking about mustering up the motivation to lose the weight. Most people that want to lose weight don’t even ever start. I sponsor a $10,000 USD physique transformation contest that you should get in on. Look into it if you’d like http://www.metabowize.com/gifford. Take care and good luck with everything.

  • Colin McNulty 31 May 2007, 5:56 am

    Thanks Andrew, but I’ll pass. I get all the hormonal balance and control of my metabolism that I need, by eating right on the Zone diet.

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