Friday Fun

No pics or videos this week, but 2 great links.

The first is 10 Incredible Old Computer Ads which are hillarious, including such gems like:

  • “What the heck is Electronic Mail?”
  • “The new 16K RAM card that turns your computer into a working giant”
  • “Two Bytes Are Better Than One” – an ad for 16-bit computing

WARNING – Don’t click the Google Image Ads on that site though, there by malware in them thar ads.

Link 2 is a link to a free online multiplayer game called KDice .  It’s like Risk, but each game only lasts 10 minutes instead of 2 days.  The key twist is that the armies are actually the dice you use, so if you have 5 dice on a territory, then you attack (or defend) with 5 dice.  It’s a multiplayer version of DiceWars.  Highly recommended.

BTW it’s the 1st of Feb, so I shall be working on a roundup post covering a year of Crossfit and the Zone, coming soon…

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  • Marcus 1 February 2008, 7:41 pm

    I must admit Col, you’ve excelled yourself with this week’s Friday fun!

    Link one really does sum up really how far we’ve come in less than 40 years of home computing.

    I’m having a hard time resisting the urge to click link two….. I’l soon become hooked (much like I did with dice wars….) 😉

  • Colin McNulty 4 February 2008, 11:15 am

    Cheers Marcus, and you really should give Kdice a try…. go on…. you know you want to…. 😉

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