Injury Issues at Crossfit

My sore elbow continues to be a pain (pun intended, lol!). I should point out that I didn’t hurt it at Crossfit, but outside.

I’ve gone for doing no exercises at all that use my right arm, in order to speed up recovery, but it’s taking a very long time it seems. Though it appears that the pain is less, what I can’t work out though is this: is it actually getting better and there is less pain; or am I just doing a better job of managing it to minimise the issue?

It’s also occurred to me that the Anti-Inflammation properties of the Zone Diet combined with the ultra refined fish oil I’m taking, might actually be masking the symptoms. This might explain why it seemed to get worse around the Christmas period, when my eating habits were rather UN-zonish! Could it be that I’ve nor suffered nearly as much as I would have because of what I eat? It’s hard to say really.

It is putting a downer on the Crossfit side of life it has to be said. Today for example, I couldn’t do the weighted pull ups, and instead did Vertical Jumps. Actually this was fun, but only because of the look on Mark’s face when I touched the roof of the gym at the 10′ 2″ point! 😉

Sounds impressive huh? I thought so too, until I measured my maximum height standing touch at 96″ which makes my vertical jump 26 inches which somewhere along the line doesn’t sound as good as 10 foot 2 inches. Although I’ve just looked at the Athletic Skill Standards and 25″ is Level III with 30″ Level 4, haha!

See these posts for my previous discussions on the Athletic Skill Standards Level 2 and Level 1.

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