Friday Fun – Become an Astronaut, yes really!

Living in America, Astronaut training is probably all very passé, but in Europe, the opportunities are somewhat limited. However the European Space Agency have just announced a recruitment drive, they are looking for the next breed of Astronauts. See this trailer:

The selection process is explained in the pdf downloaded here. The main ESA astronaut recruitment page is here but hurry, selection starts 19 May 2008.

The key fact I noticed is that the preferred age range is older than I anticipated: 27-37. The second point I noticed is that I am 27-37 !! Looks like that’s the weekend blown away then. 😉

EDIT: Stage 1 is complete – 4 emails sent out to potential Doctors (listed here) to obtain the JAR-FCL 3 Class 2 medical certificate. Ho ho, this is going to be fun if nothing else.

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