Chocolate Coated Coffee Beans – YUM!

I bought some of these chocolate covered coffee beans last week, and they are the roxors!

Just to be clear, I didn’t just by *some*, I bought *loads*. 3kg to be precise. It’s not really my fault, they got proportionately cheaper, the more you buy, so it was… well… a saving… sort of. Oh dear.

Anyway, they are my new most favourite food. I love coffee sweets generally, which puts me in a minority in the world I realise that. However these are some slight coffee tasting cream sweetie, oh no, they’re the real deal. A whole roasted coffee bean that’s been (haha) coated in chocolate.

They pretty much taste like Mocha (I’m lead to believe, I don’t drink the stuff myself) but they do do a very good job of cutting out the middle man… water in this instance. I took some down the gym on Saturday (did I say I bought 3kg of the stuff?) and the reaction as pretty consistent: “Chocolate coated coffee beans? Are you sure? That sounds terrible. I’ll just try one… small one. Hey that’s not bad. Actually that’s pretty good. Let me try another. Hey, they’re great, can I take a hand full?” They were a great success and highly recommended, and I have to thank my friend Ian Sturrock for the original introduction to them.

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  • Soraya 20 April 2009, 8:59 am

    Ooh I love cccb’s. You have to be careful though as some makes put a horrible sugar coating inbetween the chocolate and the bean. Avoid the Waitrose variety. Whitards do a lovely cccb but ask if the sugar layer is there as they seem to change from one season to another.

  • Colin McNulty 20 April 2009, 8:26 pm

    Hi Soraya! Well I chose this lot because it was the only supplier I could find that made a point of not having hydrogenated vegetable fat (read trans fats). All the other brands either explicitly listed it, or were silent on the matter.

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