First Ever 2 Mile Run !!

I’m feeling very pleased with myself today.  I went for a morning run round my 1 mile route, this time deciding to take it easy rather than Pose running for time.  I already had in mind that I might try to extend the distance, as previously when I’d done an intentionally slower run, I’d felt that I could have continued.

I was in 2 minds mind about how far to actually extend it, but in the end I ran another whole lap, for a total distance of 2 miles!  At 35, this is the first time in my life I’ve ever run that far without walking.  In fact my previous “distance record” (lol) is the single mile I ran back in May 2007 which was a first for me.

I know to most people it’s doesn’t sound much, but it’s a major breakthrough I think.  For the first time I appear to really managed to reach a stead state whilst running.  By that I mean that the current 100m say, feels the same in terms of tiredness / pain etc, as the previous 100m.  These frequent mile runs have started to bring that out, the latter half doesn’t feel much worse than I do at the end of the first half.  Given that, there’s not much to stop me running further.

I do think running on roads on the hill I live on is not doing me any good though, as the frequent cambers make running tricky.  At the end of the 2 miles today, it was really the pain in my right hip that made me stop.

Next and final target is 3 miles or 5k.  That’s as far as I think I need or want to get up to.  I have no desire to be a “runner” as I don’t believe in the health implications of it, and to be honest, it’s a dull form of exercise compared to Crossfit.  It shouldn’t be too far off now though.  🙂

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