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One of the criticisms of CrossFit is that it’s hardcore elite fitness, and certainly if you’re a hardcore elite athlete, you’ll find a happy and challenging home in the CrossFit community and programming.

BUT what if you’re not a world class athlete? What if you’re only mortal like the rest of us? What if you’re sick and told that you’re dying by your Doctors? This is the story of one woman who was proper poorly who’s life changed due to getting the courage up to walk into a CrossFit gym for the first time, a change initially that her Doctors refused to believe was down to exercise:

Part 2 is much shorter:

That’s a pretty amazing story, but here’s another one: that’s not unique. CrossFit changes lives. Ordinary lives. For every firebreather you see doing unbelievable feats of multi-modal strength and endurance, there are many quiet success stories of lives transformed by what is arguably the most effective health program currently available to the mass market.

I should know, I’m one of those ordinary people. Here’s some of the evidence:

If you liked that video, then you’ll like this one too, which is the story of an ordinary over weight middle aged guy who tries CrossFit for the first time. This is a guy who used to eat *before* going out to eat, so people wouldn’t accuse him of over eating, yes he’d eat twice! Watch what spontaneously happens when he finishes the first workout, now that’s the CrossFit spirit. There’s a whole series:

So if you’re think CrossFit isn’t for you, take that step and try it. Yes it’s hard work, but it’s a lot of fun, there’s an amazing community, and it WILL change your life for the better. đŸ™‚

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